Tuesday, October 18, 2011


When you see a piece of mine at a show or on my website gallery, you are looking at the end product of much exploration and failed attempts. If the clay hasn't been fired when I discover the "fatal flaw", then the clay just goes into my recycle bucket. If it has been fired then it gets sent to my garden. If I just can't stand to look at it (big failures)... they go to my shard pile. Sometimes my worst failures are the starting point of my next success. If I don't push the boundaries of what I know, nothing new happens. I have learned to embrace failure as a teacher.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The Ceramics Annual of America was this past weekend and I want to thank all of you intrepid clay enthusiasts who braved the chaos of Fleet Week to get to the show. ( and my apologies to those who tried to be there and had to give up) Ft Mason officials should be hung from their heels for renting out the building for such a big event with almost no parking and traffic that would stop a speeding train.
I did a demo on Saturday and many times I had to wait while the Blue Angels screamed overhead. The air show was exciting...I would go out on the wharf to watch from time to time.