Friday, October 20, 2017


Most artists don't burst on the scene, fully formed in all their mastery. We all work towards our own vision and along the way, we become aware of the genius of others. If we are honest in our work, we refrain from imitation while allowing ourselves to be influenced.
My heros are figurative sculptors and there are many more than those listed here. At the top of my list is that renaissance giant, Michelangelo. His female figures have strength and power while remaining feminine.
my heros

Another of my heros is Aguste Rodin and his studio mate/lover Camille Claudel

Moving forward into modern times, I will list just some of my heros with links to their work.
Javier Marin his work leaves me breathless.
Beth Cavenor she works so large and so detailed. Her animals are archetypes for the best and worst of ourselves.
Michelle Gregor who always builds an aura of peace into her figures.
Lisa Clague her women are serene and beautiful...but there is always something else going on.
Lisa Reinertson her personal work is all about saving nature from it's enemy, man.

I hope you take a moment to check out my heros.
Can you see their influences in my work?
paper clay, ballance, passion

Monday, October 2, 2017


I have just begun a relationship with Saatchi Art. They get rave reviews for content and business practices. I was impressed with the quality of art that they show so I put a small group of my work up for sale. You can see my profile at Saatchi Art
This is one of the pieces. She is all about change...Ya gotta embrace it or it will run you over like a freight train.